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Angel Achaiah

Angel Achaiah

Angel Achaiah also called Achaia. Achaiah is the 7th name of God, after Angel Lelahel. And it means “The Patient God”. This angel is a Seraphim, not only according to Christian traditions. But also according to the Kabbalah. The Kabbalistic teachings mentioning Achaiah among the 8 Seraphims. In Juewish lore, Angel Achaiah belongs to the Chajoth Ha Qadesh. And his ruler is Archangel Metatron.

Angel Achaiah

Angel Achaiah is the patron of patience. But he is also popular as the discoverer of the secrets of nature. As a result, Achaiah is the best angel to call upon when you need patience. He also allows you patience to discover your true self within. And teaches you simple ways to re-establish your connection with your inner self. Because the answer to every question is within you.

Angel Achaiah

Achaiah is also the propagator of The Divine Knowledge. Which makes him a great guidance for those who are seeking knowledge. But he is also helpful for students and pupils. Mostly before exams. The patience and knowledge that Angel Achaiah provides you with, will allow you to solve even the biggest problems. The powerful Seraph also has a vast knowledge about the Secrets of Nature and The Universe.

This powerful angel fills you with compassion, just like Zadkiel the angel of mercy.

The name Achaiah appears in The New Testament. But it is the name of a Roman Province. In Acts 18:12, 27, is described Paul’s visit to the churches in that region.

Angel Achaiah

As each of the 72 Angel of God, Angel Achaiah also has an influential period in the calendar. He is the guardian angel of people who were born between April 21 and April 25. These people are not only guarded by Achaiah, but also influenced by him. Therefore, they are deeply interested in spirituality, spiritual practices and knowledge. So, at the same time, they are deeply grounded and your mind is wandering between the stars.

Also they are in constant search for knowledge. But mostly linked to the esoterics and spirituality. Those influenced by Achaiah rely a lot on their intuition. They trust their gut feeling. Which protects them constantly from dangers and evil entities. But they often use their intuition in decision making. Another important characteristic of these people is their patience. But they are also very kind and compassionate. They love nature and its beauty. Therefore, they love animals and plants.

Angel Achaiah has the cure for anxiety and stress. He brings you patience. So you can calmly solve the problems in your life. Without stressing and overreacting.

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