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Angel Jeliel

Angel Jeliel

Angel Jeliel – also known as the angel of love and wisdom. Jeliel is the second name of God. And he is a very important angel in the Jewish Kabbalah. Being a Chajoth Ha Qadesh or Seraph. His name means “The Helping God”. Being the second name of God after Vehuiah. According to the Dictionary of Angels, the name Jeliel is inscribed on The Tree Of Life. Also Jeliel is the ruler of Turkey. Therefore, Angel Jeliel controls the destiny of kings of Turkey. His ruler archangel is Metatron.

Angel Jeliel

Angel Jeliel is the bringer of love. Therefore he can help you when you are facing relationship problems. He doesn’t only restore the love. But he also brings passion into your marriage. And he makes sure that both of you are going to be faithful and respectful. Also, if you are in the search of your soulmate, then pray to Jeliel. He will place true love on your path.

Angel Jeliel

Jeliel’s duty is to share and spread The Divine Love. But he also helps those who are in difficult situations. Another duty of Jeliel is to help to victory those who have been attacked or hurt unjustly. But not by revenge. But by listening to the hurtful one and making sure that the attacker will get his punishment.

Angel Jeliel is a great teacher. He has knowledge about relationships, love and passion. Therefore, he can teach you how to restore and maintain the harmony in your relationship. Also he teaches you how to create inner peace and calmness. And then how to externalize it.

Angel Jeliel

As each 72 angels of the Kabbalah, Jeliel also has an influential period in the calendar. This period being from March 26 to March 30. Those who were born in this period are not only influenced but also protected by Jeliel. Therefore, they are not a fan of patience. They love to do everything themselves and quickly. Seeing others struggle with a task makes them crazy. They relied on their intuition all of their lives, even in their childhood. Jeliel fills them with kindness and love. Therefore they are very friendly and loving people.

Those influenced by Jeliel will try to find out what their destiny or karma is. Being really curious about it. And dedicating a big part of their life to discover it. Also, you see every challenge in your life as a lesson. Therefore, each successful or difficult situation is filled with wisdom. And they make you smarter and stronger. As a result, any difficult a situation might be, you are still positive. Nothing and no one being able to bring you down.

When you are facing relationship or marriage problems, praying to Angel Jeliel will help you to restore the love. He will help you to see the wisdom in every difficulty and problem you face on your path.

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