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Angel Mahasiah

Angel Mahasiah

Angel Mahasiah – the angel that rectifies our errors. Mahasiah is 5th name of God. And his name means “God The Savior”. In Christianity, Mahasiah is a Seraphim. But in Judaism, he belongs to the Chajoth ha Qadesh. Therefore, his ruler is Metatron The Archangel.

Who Is Angel Mahasiah?

According to The Magnus II, Mahasiah is an important angel in the Jewish mysticism. Being one of the 72 angels. These angels bear the 72 names of God Shemhamphorae. Mahasiah, being the 5th name, after Angel Elemiah, the 4th.

The main duty of Angel Mahasiah is to help us to rectify our errors (just like Imamiah the angel of recognition of errors). But he also shows us our own errors. Seeing them, we can start to repair them. Therefore, avoiding the creation of new karma. Mahasiah also makes sure that The Divine Order is maintained. So, he is in charge of making sure that The Divine Order is respected on earth as well as in Heaven.

Angel Mahasiah

Mahasiah is the guardian angel of students, collegians and pupils. Therefore, he makes sure that they learn easily. And that they understand the lessons. So, pray for his assistance when learning for exams. Helping you to learn and to pass all the exams. Mahasiah is also extremely helpful in learning languages.

A powerful ability of Angel Mahasiah is that of helping us to see and understand different celestial signs. Because the angels can’t talk to us directly. They use different signs, such as Angelic Numbers, feathers, clouds, lights and many more. Understanding these signs is not easy. But with Mahasiah’s help you will understand them much easier.

Mahasiah is the bringer of a happy life. But he doesn’t hand you the happy life. He only gives you different ideas to improve your current life. There are so many ways to have a happy and abundant life.

Angel Mahasiah one of the 72 Kabbalistic Angels

As each 72 angels of God, Mahasiah is also one of the angels in the calendar. Ruling 4 days between April 10 and April 14. And those who were born in this period are highly influenced by Mahasiah. So, they love to learn, mostly languages. Being more like a hobby for them. Also, learning a new language helps them to recall past lives. They are very clever and balanced people. And they have a deep love and respect for justice. These people constantly seek knowledge. But not only knowledge about the physical world, but also about the spiritual realms. Mahasiah is the one who inspires them to gather spiritual knowledge constantly.

Another very important thing to note is their unique aura. Which is bright white. Those who can see or sense aura, will observe it instantly. Due to this huge amount of white light in their aura, they easily learn how to heal spiritually, with energy and vibrations. They also constantly seek knowledge about the angelic world. Becoming experts in communication with angels. And learning, in time, how to communicate directly with their guardian angels and Mahasiah.

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