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Angel Mehiel

Mehiel The Angel Of Inspiration

Angel Mehiel is the 64th name of God. And it means “The Vivifying God”. Mehiel is an Archangel in Christianity. And his ruler is Michael. But in Judiasm, he is a Beni Elohim. And his ruler is Archangel Ariel.

Angel Mehiel – the angel of inspiration

Angel Mehiel is not only the angel of inspiration, but also of vivification and visualization. He inspires those who seem hopeless or lost. Mehiel improves your imagination. And he helps you to understand something through your intelligence.

Angel Mehiel

Mehiel is the protector of writers. But he doesn’t only protect them, he also inspires them. And he brings them creativity. Mehiel also fights against the evil forces. He brings us knowledge and understanding of the Heavenly Battle. And also about the evil forces working in different parts of our world.

Mehiel also holds knowledge about to link between spirituality and science. He brings us deep understanding. And he helps us to figure out the lessons of our experiences. Mehiel brings you a greatly productive life by inspiring your creativity each day.

Angel Mehiel and his influence upon humanity

Mehiel has a special influential period. Therefore, if you were born between February 05 and February 09, then Angel Mehiel is your celestial guide. And he not only guides or protects you, he also influences your life and personality. This means that you have a deep respect and love for learning and gathering knowledge. You have a lot of friends around because you are a very understanding friend and you are also very generous. You help others, because you have the amazing ability to see the good in others.

Mehiel is your guardian angel and he never leaves you. He fills you with enthusiasm and thirst for life. But he also inspires you to love, especially your family. They are the most important in your life. And you always protect them. Also, you are the best example of a person always in good mood. Your optimism and positive energy quickly radiates others. Your are not only the soul of the events, but you also enjoy planning them.

Angel Mehiel is not helpful only to those born under his influence. But it can help any people. He fills you with optimism, enthusiasm, thirst for life and positive energy. Therefore, pray for his help when you feel down, alone, hopeless or stuck.

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