The Angel Michael Meditation

The Angel Michael Meditation

Angel Michael Meditation – This is the perfect meditation for protection. It helps you to meet and resonate with Archangel Michael. The Angel Michael Meditation is deeply relaxing and calming. This meditation is also known as The Blue Light Meditation. The blue light is the color of Archangel Michael. It is a loving and protecting light. It guides you through difficult situations.

Angel Michael Meditation – Step By Step Guide

Firstly, you will need some props. Firstly, make sure that the place where you meditate is quiet and you will not be disturbed. Then you need an altar dedicated to Archangel Michael. You can use pictures with the archangel, blue candles, blue flowers and even blue crystals. They will help you in your visualization.

Angel Michael Meditation

If your altar is ready, find a comfortable sitting position. The cross-legged position is the more recommended. But you can try staying on a chair or lying down. Just keep your spine straight. And be careful not to fall asleep.

Now focus on the candle and take a few breaths. Quiet your mind. When you are feeling relaxed, close your eyes. Visualize a blue light around you. Now visualize how the blue light baths every body part of yours. It penetrates every cell. The blue light is inside and around you. Enjoy the light. Inhale it with every breath you take. And exhale stress and every negative thought. When your thoughts are settled down, set your intention. Call out for Archangel Michael. This calling can be “Archangel Michael, warrior of the Heavenly Army, I need your help.” But you can call him as you prefer. Say it three times and wait for him. He might appear as a thought, a symbol, an image or the sense that you are not alone. Anyhow he chooses to make his presence, you will feel it.

Angel Michael Meditation

In case Michael did not make himself felt, then you can ask him to give you a sign of his presence. When you know that he is with you, you can start a conversation. Tell him why do you need his help. Now you can ask him for guidance and protection.

When you are ready to get back from the meditative state, firstly, thank him for his help. Then concentrate on your breathing. Don’t open your eyes yet. Wait a little in this calming state. Start to feel your body parts. You can try to move your fingers and limbs. Then open your eyes. Wait a little bit more before getting up to avoid dizziness. If you are still feeling dizzy, lie down or drink a glass of water.

The Angel Michael Meditation will help you in difficult situations when you are not sure what decision to make. Michael will bring you the wisdom and courage to overtake any problem.

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