Angel Mitzrael

Angel Mitzrael

Angel Mitzrael – he is the patron angel of reparations. Mitzrael is the 6th name of God. And it means “The God Who Liberates The Oppressed”. Miztrael is part of different choirs of angels depending on the religion. Therefore, in Christianity, Mitzrael is an archangel. And serves under Archangel Michael. But in Judaism, Angel Mitzrael is a Beni Eohim. And his ruler is Archangel Ariel.

Angel Mitzrael – The Angel Of Reparations

Angel Mitzrael

Angel Mitzrael is the celestial patron of rectification and reparation of errors or mistakes (just like Angel Imamiah and Angel Pahaliah). Therefore, he brings understanding. And he fills you with respect and obedience. Mitzrael teaches you to observe your errors and mistakes and to repair them. Leading you toward a better life. He also brings awareness of your actions.

Mitzrael is also a healer. He brings remedy for those who suffer from mental illnesses. He is also the protector of psychologists, neurologists and nurses of mental institutions. Therefore, you should pray for his healing energy when you suffer from a mental illness. And also when a friend or family member suffers from mental issues.

Angel Mitzrael – The Guardian Angel

Angel Mitzrael has a specific period of influence. This period is between 16th – 20th January. Therefore, if you were born in this period, then Mitzrael is your guardian angel. And doesn’t only guide you. He also influences your personality and character. Therefore, you have a very beautiful body and soul. Also, you have a deep understanding of the mistakes and errors. Because they all bring you experience. Your guardian angel inspires you to repair or rectify all your mistakes.

Your guardian angel also inspires you to love and respect hard work. You also invest a lot of hard work into your spiritual growth. Your purpose in this life is to rediscover your inner self. And to evolve spiritually.

You are a very patient learner. And you gather a huge amount of knowledge about spirituality. With every new thing you learn, your wisdom gets higher. Your wisdom and all the knowledge you gather will allow you to find out secrets about the human existence that other spend a lifetime to reach. You will also find out your karma. And with Angel Mitzrael’s help, you will repair it. So, in your next life, you will born without a karma. Living a clean and pure life.

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