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Angel Protection Prayer

A Powerful Angel Protection Prayer For You To Learn

This Angel Protection Prayer was written by Mary Jac. She published it in “A pocketful of Comfort” and it became popular very quickly. This prayer for protection is dedicated to Archangel Michael. He is the warrior angel who protects you from dangers, accidents and negative energy. He also brings courage and wisdom in moments of doubt and difficulty.

Angel Protection Prayer

This beautiful prayer was written as an ask for Archangel Michael’s protection. Say it when you are in a dangerous or difficult situation. Or when you lack power, motivation and courage. It brings you hope and faith that everything will be alright. Repeat this Angel Protection Prayer as many times as you want. It is ideal to be told in the morning. Therefore, it will bring you protection all day. But you can say it also before a trip, a meeting, an interview, a stressful day at work, etc. You can also say it before going to bed. It will inspire you o have a better sleep. And Archangel Michael will protect you from nightmares.

Angel Protection Prayer

Archangel Michael,

Please protect and guard and shelter me,to keep me free from harm.

Then wrap me in your cloak of strength, safe withing your arms.

With you to give me courage to see me through the day.

I know I’ll cope with anything, whatever comes my way.

I’m honored that you’re with me, so happy that you care,

I thank you dearest Michael for always being there.”


This beautiful Angel Protection Prayer to Archangel Michael is very easy to learn. Mary Jac was beautifully inspired when she wrote it. This prayer is one of my favorites. And I hope that you will enjoy it too. May Archangel Micheal protect and bless you every time you say this prayer.

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