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Angel Sitael

Sitael Angel Of Construction Of The Universe

Angel Sitael is the 3rd name of God, after Jeliel. And it means “The God Of Hope”. Sitael is a Seraph in Christianity. But in Judaism, Angel Sitael is a Chajoth Ha Qadesh. And his supervisor is Archangel Metatron.

Angel Sitael

Angel Sitael is the constructor angel of every worlds that ever existed. He is also known as the Master Builder. Therefore, he inspires us to build and create our own reality. Sitael helps us to expand ourselves. And to fructify our projects and businesses. Sitael protects and inspires strategists and planners. And he fills us with honesty.

Angel Sitael

Sitael is one of the patrons of human’s karma. Therefore, he is the one that you should address if you want to discover your karma. He also teaches you how to avoid creating a new karma. Sitael also helps you to see the errors you’ve made in the past. And how to avoid them in the future. He also fills you with nobility, clemency and generosity.

Sitael is also the angel of honesty and trust. He inspires human beings to be faithful to their words. And also to keep their promises. Being the angel of creation, Angel Sitael will transmit you his respect and gratitude of every creation on earth.

Angel Sitael and his influence

If you were born between March 31 and April 04, then your guardian angel is Sitael. And it is an extremely good thing. You should be proud of it. Because Sitael influences and guides you to become a better and more honest businessman. He brings success, not only into your business, but also into your everyday life. But you are also very proud of everything you have accomplished. And your pride often stops you from asking for help.

But you are also very friendly. And you always create something. Because your guardian angel inspires you to do so. You are also a great believer in destiny. Sitael also inspires you to be honest and to say exactly what is in your mind.

Sitael also inspires you to dream more. It is the beginning of creation, dreaming it. But you also get revelations of past memories in your dreams.

Angel Sitael is your guardian angel and he responds to your prayers. But you have overcome your pride. And ask Sitael fpr help, when you need it. But Sitael can help you, even if you were not born under his influence. Pray for his help is you need success and fruitfulness into your life or business. He will also reveal you your true and honest friends and relatives.

Sitael is one of the 72 angels of the zodiac in the Kabbalistic teachings. He is invoked in Kabbalah to overcome adversity. Also he is the ruler of the nobility.

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