The Archangel Michael Sigil

The Archangel Michael Sigil

Archangel Michael Sigil – Each angel and archangel has its own sigil. These sigils are made to make it easier to communicate with the angel. And also to invoke an angel. These sigils have the angels vibration and they attract them.

Archangel Michael Sigil

A sigil is a symbol that holds the frequency of an angel. Mostly, the sigils are used in rituals, ceremonies, invocation, prayer or meditation. But you can also use it for protection. The Archangel Michael Sigil is especially useful for protection.

The Archangel Michael Sigil

To obtain an accurate archangel sigil, with the right proportions, you have to draw it yourself. And it is not hard at all. You will need only a few things. Therefore, prepare and print out a Rose Cross, prepare a ruler and pencil. You also need the Hebrew translation of the Archangel’s name, which is מיכאל. Now you can start the drawing.

Firstly, you will start at point. The Rose Cross contains the whole Hebrew alphabet. Therefore, you will have to find each letter of Michael’s name on the Rose Cross. Your starting point will be at the M or “ מ“. You have to remember that you have to find the letters starting with the last one. And finishing with the first one. Therefore, your starting point will be at the מ.

Then move on to the next one and draw a line between the two. Continue just like I show you in the pictures bellow.


Archangel Michael Sigil

Now, you have you own Archangel Michael Sigil. But how will you use it? Well, there are numerous ways to use such a powerful symbol. Some people use it on pendants for protection at all times. It protects you from the evil forces and dangers. But this sigil also works great when you are praying to Michael, and you want to make sure that he gets the message.

Another use, which I don’t practice myself, is for invocation. This symbol will allows the archangel to manifest around you. And, some say, that this sigil allows you to control Michael. And to ask him for guidance and protection. But I am not a big invocation fan.

I also discussed The Archangel Gabriel Symbol, for prayer, spiritual works and improving your intuition.

Now, back to the invocation of Archangel Michael with his symbol. I think that a powerful prayer with this Celestial Sigil is enough to make yourself heard by the archangel. For prayer or meditation, you can use this symbol on a candle on your altar. Or you can carve the symbol into crystals. But nowadays, you can easily find crystals, pendants and candles with this sigil on. And they are not too expensive.

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