Crystals For Physical Healing

10 Crystals For Physical Healing

Crystals For Physical Healing – The healing properties of crystals are known in many cultures. And crystals were used in healing for thousands of years. Each healing crystal has ts own resonance and vibration which interacts with our body. Resulting in healing, better mood, higher vibration and many more. Each crystal can help with different health issues. These Crystals For Physical Healing are helpful with pain and physical illnesses. But most of them can heal the mental or emotional root of that physical condition.

Crystals For Physical Healing

Amethyst – this crystal is one of the most powerful healing crystals. It can heal many physical conditions such as acne, AIDS/HIV, blood diseases and other circulatory conditions, burns, color blindness, emphysema, problems with the eyesight and even with the endocrine system. Amethyst cures many cancer and tumor types. And it detoxifies the body. If you have headaches or migraines, then place an Amethyst crystal on your forehead. It also works for pain in other parts of the body. This crystal also strengthens the immune system and cures infections. It improves your metabolism and cures insomnia and nightmares. And it improves serious conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease.

Opal – this beautiful crystal works great when you suffer from a fever. It fights off the infections from your body. And it heals most kidney problems. Opal also heals the Pineal Gland. And, such as Amethyst, Opal also helps patients with Parkinson’s disease.

Jade – this powerful crystal is linked to bladder problems. But it also cures different types of cancer and tumors. And it is a great help and protection at childbirth. Keeping both the mother and the child healthy. Jade detoxifies the body from all the harmful wastes. And heals the digestive system. This crystal is also helpful for those who suffer from diabetes. Jade cures herpes and strengthens the immune system. But it also heals the kidney and the reproductive system. Therefore, it cures even infertility. Also, it soothes knee pain. And heals the nervous system.

Crystals For Physical Healing

Crystals For Physical Healing

Carnelian – is one of the most powerful Crystals For Physical Healing. It can heal numerous illnesses and conditions such as: Aids/HIV, arthritis, allergies, back and lower back pain, blood issues, colds and flu, fever and gallbladder problems. Carnelian detoxes the body. And heals the female reproductive system. It also cures: heartburn, infections and inflammations in the body, impotence and infertility. Carnelian also heals the liver and ovaries. This healing crystal also improves conditions such as rheumatism, scoliosis, spasm and sores.

Moonstone – it is also very helpful at childbirth. Bringing healing and protection. And it also heals the female reproductive system. It is a great remedy for the symptoms of menopause. Moonstone reduces pain from the hands. And cures hyperactivity. This crystal heals multiple sclerosis and oedema. Moonstone also soothes the skin after stings and bites.

Obsidian – this crystal brings balance and harmony to your physical body. But it is also a powerful healer. Obsidian heals your bones and the major bone conditions. It also helps digestion. And heals problems with ear, such as ear infections. Obsidian is also helpful in hair loss and other hair problems. It cures nail fungus and other problems appearing at your nails. This crystal heals your skin and spleen. And it strengthens your spine and veins. Also, it is one of the best Healing Crystals For Digestive Problems.

Crystals For Physical Healing

Lapis Lazuli – this beautiful blue crystal brings relief for back pain. It also helps patients who suffer from AIDS/HIV. Just like moonstone, this crystal is also helpful at childbirth. It reduces labor pain. This crystal also helps the patients in coma. Place a Lapis Lazuli crystal under his/her pillow. And will bring healing energy. This healing crystal also cures herpes, insomnia, epilepsy, dizziness, vertigo, vomiting and fainting. Place a Lapis Lazuli on your head for headaches and migraines. It also keeps your lungs and nervous system healthy. Lapis Lazuli also heals the throat.

Tourmaline – this crystal has the amazing ability to cure deafness. It also cures dyslexia. And heals the endocrine system. Tourmaline strengthens the immune system. And improves indigestion. It heals the lymphatic and nervous systems. Tourmaline also heals the pancreas and spine. And it improves conditions such as sciatica and obesity.

Jasper – this powerful healing crystal reduces pain in the abdomen. It improves abdominal problems such as bloating and cramps. Jasper is the most powerful healer of the bladder. Because it heals any bladder problem. It also heals the circulatory and endocrine system and the digestive tract. Therefore, it brings remedy for indigestion. Jasper also heals your legs, your gallbladder and liver. Also, only keeping a Jasper in your hand, can instantly cure your nausea.

Crystals For Physical Healing

Citrine – this beautiful yellow crystal is the crystal of joy. But doesn’t only improve your mood. It also heals your physical body. Matter of fact, Citrine cures diabetes. And it improves digestion. It keeps your gallbladder, thyroid and kidneys healthy. And it helps tissue regeneration. Also, it is one of the best Crystals For Self-Confidence.

In conclusion, these Crystals For Physical Healing will help you to fight serious physical conditions. To help them heal you, wear them close to your skin. You can wear them as jewelry or in your pockets. Also, don’t forget to place them inside or under your pillow at night. So they can heal you even in your sleep. And never forget to clean them. After up to 1-2 weeks, these crystals must be cleansed. If you are using them to heal patients, then clean them after every client.

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