Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality is a course and a powerful spiritual book. The writer of this book is Peter Scazzero, a pastor. I recommend this book because it was an incredible experience reading it.

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality – The Author

Peter Scazzero is the founder and pastor of The New Life Fellowship Church, in Queens. Being a more and more popular and large multiracial church. Which is now present in more than 73 countries all over the world. Peter Scazzero served 26 years as a senior pastor. Continuing his career a teaching pastor.

He wrote numerous books, including two best sellers. And he also became the co-author of two important spiritual courses: The Emotionally Healthy Spirituality and The Emotionally Healthy Relationships.

The Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Course

This course is a powerful spiritual experiences. It makes you realize that you can’t obtain spiritual maturity without emotional maturity. Because these two are connected and inseparable. But following this course will teach you many more. For example, how to establish a good relationship with Jesus Christ. Through this course, people will learn how to integrate reading of the scripture, prayer and silence into their daily routine.

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

Through its 8 courses, people attending the Emotionally Healthy Spirituality course will learn how to become emotionally mature, how to know themselves better and many more. Basically, learning how to live a harmonious life.

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality


The Emotionally Healthy Spirituality book

It is a powerful Christian book that many people should read. I especially recommend it to people who struggle to find spirituality or to achieve Spiritual Growth. And also to those who can’t find Spiritual Inspiration in their lives. In this book, the author tries to find out why many Christians can’t achieve positive changes in their lives through their faith. Beside providing the bottom line truth, this books has many more things to say.

This beautiful spiritual book also provides 7 steps in achieving a healthy emotional state and spiritual life. These steps will allow the positive transformations to take place in the reader’s life. Through the wisdom of this book, you will know how to live an authentic life.

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