Meditation Tools

Top 5 Meditation Tools

Meditation Tools are objects that make your meditation much easier. These 5 Meditation Tools are the best, in my opinion. They improve your meditation sessions with every single use. Helping you to maintain the state of mindfulness. And helping you to reach the present moment more quickly. These tools help you to deepen your focus. And to clean your mind.

Meditation Tools

Meditation Tools

A Quiet Place – yes, it is a very important tool. And you really need it if you want progress in your meditation. Therefore, make sure that you have your little sanctuary where you are not disturbed by anyone while meditating. Also make sure to leave your phone and other electronic gadgets out of the room. So they will not bother you. Being disturbed by a notification while being in the state of mindfulness is not pleasant. And it will only frustrate you.

Comfortable Cushions – staying on a thin mat for too long might have some unpleasant results. A cushion under your sit bones will help you to avoid the pain. So, the meditation session will be more enjoyable. You can also use a cushion for your spine.

A Candle – candles are a great way to help you keep your focus on a point. There are many meditation types that use a candle as a focus point, such as Tratak Meditation. You can also use a candle with a fragrance. Smells are also very helpful in calming and cleaning your mind.

Meditation Tools

Meditation Music – there are many types of meditations that use music as focus point. You have to observe the different sounds and their beautiful combination. Without judging the music. Just observing it. Focusing your ears and mind on the music, you will quickly find yourself in the present moment.

Meditation Rings – they are interactive spinning rings, which help you calm your mind. The Meditation Rings have two important pieces. A fix ring. And a ring the spins around the fix one. Using a motion ring for meditation will help you to focus your mind on the spinning of the ring. And it will quickly help you to relieve stress.

Mala Beads – these are mostly used by Tibetan Monks. These meditation beads contain 108 normal beads and a guru bead. They are mostly used for chanting and mantra meditation. And also for prayer. You have to repeat your mantra or chant again and again for each bead. You start and finish with the guru bead. Which is different then the other beads on the Mala. Not only looks different, but also feels different. So you can feel easily when you finished your meditation, without looking at the Mala.

These Meditation Tools have the best results in meditation. The first two are kind of must uses. But the rest can be inter-changed. One day you can try a Tratak Meditation with a candle. And the other day you could try Music Meditation.

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