Psychic Shaman

What Is A Psychic Shaman?

Psychic Shaman – Shamans are spiritual healers, gifted with the ability to communicate with the spiritual world. They communicate with not only their ancestors from the spiritual world, but also with the spirits of nature. In Shamanism everything is alive and has a spirit. Even if you look at a rock, a tree or an animal. They are all communicating with the divine consciousness and with each other. They contain, produce and eliminate information and energy.

But a Psychic Shaman is slightly different than a normal shamans. Because they were already born with certain psychic abilities.

Psychic Shaman Healing

Psychic Shaman

In shamanism, illness is just a lack or excess of power or energy. Which has to be restored or balanced, so the healing can take place. This process is an adventurous journey that you can take with the shaman and a spirit or animal guide.

Shamans also believe in the so called energetic vampires. They know it a transfer or exchange o energy. Therefore, according to this theory, somebody that stands close to you can transmit you energy. Which energy you keep in your energetic body as a blockage. These energies must be cleaned out. And the blockages will be dissolved. And the illnesses caused by these blockages will be healed.

In Shamanism energy is also emotion, feeling, thought or cosmic information. Therefore, you can get cluttered with emotions too. Which also can cause physical and emotional issues.

Shamans can also heal Soul Loss. This is a very common problem, you might know it as coma. The main theory is that when a physical trauma (such as accident) happens, the soul leaves the physical body, to be safe. Most of the time the soul gets back to its physical body. But there are occasions when you need a shaman to travel to the spiritual world and to help the lost soul to find its way back home.

Psychic Shaman

A Psychic Shaman also has to heal nature and the land. In shamanism, nature is important, it must be protected and saved. Therefore, shamans often connect to the cosmic consciousness to communicate with nature. Not only to heal it, but also to ask questions. Shamans often ask for nature’s help to find a plant that can cure certain health conditions. And the spirits of nature respond to them.

Also there are shamans that have the gift to help those who are possessed by other worldly beings. Our physical body can be possessed by evil spirits that want to hurt human beings. Certain gifted shamans know how to banish those evil spirits and to help the soul get back to its place.

Furthermore, a Psychic Shaman usually helps others with his psychic gifts. But there are also some interesting tools that the shaman can use. Therefore, you might see shamans using drums (to create certain frequencies), plants, singing, water, fire, rock, earth (the elements of this world) and many more. Some shamans even use bones and wood figurines.

A session with a Psychic Shaman is a miraculous journey. If you need healing, guidance or just a cleanse, prepare yourself for a spiritual experience that will be hard to forget. You might meet some of your ancestors. And you might meet your totem guide. But it will be surely unforgettable.

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