Red Healing Crystals

7 Powerful Red Healing Crystals

Red Healing Crystals – Each chakra or energy center of the body has its own color. Therefore, red is the color of the root chakra. And the Red Healing Crystals are associated with the proper functioning of the root chakra. This chakra is responsible for grounding. And it keeps us on earth and in our physical body. When it is in imbalance, you will be anxious. You also experience fear and nightmares. To heal the root chakra and to balance it, you need Red Crystals.

7 Powerful Red Healing Crystals

Ruby – this crystal brings love. It teaches you self love and kindness. But the Ruby crystal also attract health, spiritual wisdom and abundance. This powerful crystal also protects. It is a great energetic shield. Which protects from negative energy and even psychic attacks.

Carnelian – this beautiful crystal calms your fears and anxiety. It fills you with positive emotions and feelings such as courage, happiness, love and self-esteem. It helps you to recall your past lives. And it brings creativity and emotional warmth. Furthermore, Carnelian improves your memory.

Bloodstone – this crystal is popular for its healing energy. It heals the circulatory system. Hence its name of blood stone. And it heals many conditions related to the blood and heart. It promotes grounding in meditation and yoga.

Red Healing Crystals

Red Jasper – it is a powerful crystal that helps you to master your passion. It is also very helpful in remembering your dreams. And to find your soul purpose.

Rhodonite – it is important in emotional healing. It connects to both the root and the heart chakra. Therefore it grounds and heals the heart chakra at the same time. It fills your heart with forgiveness and unconditional love. And it heals your emotional traumas.

Red Healing Crystals

Red Calcite – this crystal is one of the most powerful of the Red Healing Crystals. This stone contains a powerful energy flow. Even if you keep it in your palm a few minutes, you will sense its power. Red Calcite cleanses not only your body, but also your surroundings. And it fills the area around it with energy.

Rhodochrosite – this crystal is filled with loving energy. It inspires love and compassion for others and yourself. Rhodochrosite inspires you to bring forward your inner child. And to live your life like a child. With joy and happiness. It also brings emotional healing. Rhodochrosite brings forgotten memories to the surface.

These Red Healing Crystals are very powerful. They heal your root chakra. But they also bring emotional and physical healing. You can use them as jewelry. Or place them in different areas of your home and bedroom.

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