Reiki Healing Crystals

Reiki Healing Crystals

The Reiki Healing Crystals are healing stones that were energized through Reiki. These stones usually come in different colors, matching the color of each chakra. And many stones have Reiki healing symbols carved in them. These stones are very powerful. They can heal the whole body and balance the 7 chakras.

How To Use Reiki Healing Crystals?

Reiki Healing Crystals

Using Reiki Healing Crystals on yourself

The Reiki Healing Crystals are very easy to use. Each crystal has a matching color with a chakra. When you want to use them, you need a quiet place. Make sure that you will not be disturbed. Now lie down on the bed, or on a mat. Place each crystal on the matching chakra.

So, start with the root chakra (black or red) on the base of your spine. Then place the orange crystal above the sacral chakra. Which is situated under your navel. The place the yellow crystal on the solar plexus chakra. Situated above the navel. The next crystal is green. Place it on your heart chakra. Which is in the middle of your chest. The blue crystal is for the throat chakra. Which is in your throat. So place it on your neck. The indigo crystal will be placed on your forehead. Where the third eye chakra is. And the purple or white/transparent crystal is for the crown chakra. Therefore, the crystal will be placed on the pillow or mat, mattress just above your head.

Keep the crystals on their places for 20 minutes. Meanwhile try to relax and meditate. Try not to move and avoid watching TV. Just lie there and keep your mind clean. Focus on your healing.

Reiki Healing Crystals

Using Reiki Healing Crystals on your patients

If you are a Reiki practitioner, then use these crystals to enhance your power. Place each crystal on the matching chakra, just as I mentioned above. Make sure to clean and energize the crystals after every patient. Because they are able to absorb and transmit the energy. Meanwhile the crystals are in place, you can energize the patient in the traditional way.
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If you are using crystals with Reiki symbols. The place the right crystal on the affected area. The best crystal for pain and physical conditions is the Cho Ku Rei. For emotional issues you can use Sei Hei Ki. And is Sending Distant Reiki use Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen.

The Reiki Healing Crystals are powerful stones. They intensify the Reiki healing energy. And they bring balance into the energetic points of the body (chakras).

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