Shaman Chakra Healing

Shaman Chakra Healing

Shaman Chakra Healing – Also known as chakra illumination. The chakras represent the basis of many spiritual healing methods. And Shamanism is one of these. In Shamanism, the chakras are energy centers. But Shamanism sees them more like emotional energy centers. And there can be energy blockages. But these blockages consist of emotional blockages such as traumas, negative emotions, fear and stress.

Shaman Chakra Healing – Energetic Vampires

Shaman Chakra Healing

In Shamanism we are energetic beings that act like vampires. In other words, we pick up energies from other people, without our or their consent. These people that we pick up energy from can be family members, loved ones, friends or even strangers. It is enough for a person to stay closer to you, and the energy change will start.

These unfitting emotional energies will stay with you, grow and get stronger. Creating emotional blockages in the chakras and the entire energy flow. This is why we need Shaman Chakra Healing. Chakra illumination will remove the blockages and balances the chakras.

Another benefit of a good chakra healing is the harmonizing of your energetic body. The negative emotional energies will be eliminated. And you are going to feel more healthy, happy and alive.

After a chakra illumination, your chakras will be properly energized and your energetic body will start to heal your entire being. Not only emotionally, but also physically.

Shaman Chakra Healing

In conclusion, Shaman Chakra Healing is a harmless spiritual healing method. You will mostly find it as chakra illumination. The Shaman will help you eliminate the picked up and harmful emotional energy. It will clean your whole energetic body of the negative emotions. Leaving you stronger, motivated and hopeful. It is almost like an Aura cleansing, which is a part o our energetic body. It has the same results, leading to a deeper healing.

In Shamanism every thought and emotion has its frequency. And they have a certain influence upon our energetic and physical. This is why we have to perform an energy cleansing once a month. It will help us to get rid of all the negativity and the clutter. So we can focus on your life and well being.

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