Smoking Sage

The Healing Effects Of Smoking Sage

Smoking Sage – Many people are looking for effective ways to heal. If you are already a smoker and battling with respiratory issues, flu, cold or throat problems, then a few smokes of sage might be good for you. But it also has some effects on your brain. I will reveal them below.

Smoking Sage

Sage comes in numerous varieties. And the the most recommended for smoking is white sage. The healing effects of white sage as a herbal remedy are proven and very well known. Many use sage extract to treat skin conditions. But it is also helpful in treating diabetes, sinus infections, headaches and even nosebleeds.

Smoking Sage

But this healing plant is also very helpful for female problems. For example, drinking sage tea reduces heavy bleeding. And it is also recommended for new mothers, when they struggle with lactation. But the roots are also very powerful. The Native Americans used the roots to reduce internal bleeding after giving birth.

White sage is also very recommended in treating the common cold. Because it helps your body to eliminate the mucous from your throat and lungs. But white sage also helps you brain function. It enhances your memory and mental function. It also makes you happier, by lifting your mood a little bit. And helping you to relax.

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Smoking Sage – Some helpful recommendations

You have to know that burning sage is a little harder than other smoking plants. It might be hard on your throat. So find another way than the regular paper. Smoking Sage is more effective than tea when you want to treat a cold or respiratory infection. Also, you have to note that sage has a different taste than tobacco or anything else you have tried before. But you will get used to it in time.

Smoking Sage is not harmful. But it still contains harmful wastes in the smoke that have the same effect on your lungs as tobacco. Therefore, I don’t recommend smoking, personally. And I don’t smoke. But if you are a fan of smoking and you want to try something new, then sage is a great option.

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