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Spiritual Gift Of Faith

The Spiritual Gift Of Faith

Spiritual Gift Of Faith – Every Christian needs faith. And faith is a gift from God. But in difficult situations we forget about this beautiful and powerful gift. Although, The Spiritual Gift Of Faith is the one that help us to face the difficulties. It fills us with hope and the belief that God will help us through.

Spiritual Gift Of Faith – The Definition

The Spiritual Gift Of Faith is a holy gift from God which fills us with confidence and conviction in God’s power and love. This powerful gift helps Christians to act courageously in the name of God.

The Abilities of Someone Possessing The Spiritual Gift Of Faith:

Power – a Christian’s faith in God makes him more powerful then others. Faith is powerful and it motivates you to act like never before.

Hope – your faith in God fills you with hope. You never lose your hope. Therefore, you believe in the power of God and in His love for you.

Courage – Your faith in God gives you courage to face the difficulties in your life. Also, your faith helps you to fight the evil forces and to act heroically in the name of God.

Trust – your faith in God fills you with trust. Therefore, you trust God and you know that He is always with you. He guides and assists you. He gives you power and courage to continue your path.

Knowing God’s will – this is the most important ability. You already know what God’s will is and you act accordingly. Your faith in God and your courage will help you to do anything God’s will might be.

Do you have the Spiritual Gift Of Faith?

Many people have this holy gift from God, but they don’t know yet. So here are the 5 signs that you posses the holy gift of faith:

Spiritual Gift Of Faith

1. You know God’s will

2. You know that God sometimes does what seems unlikely

3. You feel the need to pray regularly

4. You know how God would act in certain situations and you act accordingly

5. You always consult God and his guidance before taking a decision, any small.

Now that you know that you have the gift of faith, you might ask yourself how can you use it to help others? I will show you 3 ways to help when you have the Spiritual Gift Of Faith:

Pray for others – you should be always available to pray for those in need. Therefore, keep your phone close to you and let people know that they can count on you in hard times. They will need you and your faith. Spread your faith and show them how powerful God is.

Share your faith – whenever you go to church or in a Bible Group, share your faith in God. Let them feel the intensity of your trust in God. Help others to see God’s light. And help them through difficulties and problems as a gifted guide.

Act God’s will – be an example for others. Your faith shows you God’s will, now act it. Be his earthly “angel” who helps him re-establish His Holy Rules.

In conclusion, the Spiritual Gift Of Faith is a powerful gift from God. If you are a faithful Christian, then show God your faith. Pray daily and help those in need.

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