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Spiritual Gift Of Wisdom

Do You Have The Spiritual Gift Of Wisdom?

The Spiritual Gift Of Wisdom – Every human being on earth has his own spiritual gift. A gift from God. Some have the Spiritual Gift of Faith, other have the Spiritual Gift of Mercy. But there are some people on earth with the Spiritual Gift Of Wisdom. Which is a very powerful gift. And if you have it, you have to learn to use it properly. And also to use it to help others in need.

The Spiritual Gift Of Wisdom – Your Abilities As a Wisdom-Giver

You understand God’s will – in certain situations, you already know what to do and how to do it. Because you have an insight into God’s will. It appears like a though, a message from God. He sends you this insight into His will, so you can help others to find their path.

Spiritual Gift Of Wisdom

You receive insight into God’s knowledge – having messages of wisdom, means having little insight of God’s knowledge. These messages of wisdom were sent to, so you can make the right decision.

You understand every situation – you know how to look at a situation from a new perspective. Also, you analyze every factor, and you know the possibilities and right direction to take.

You choose the path of God – in any situation, you know exactly which biblical verse to recommend for guidance. And you know how to help others to choose the right decision and to follow God’s path.

You give the best advice – people often come to you for advice, because they see that they can trust you. They feel that you are the right person to ask for guidance from. And with you Spiritual Gift Of Wisdom, you always know which advice to offer.

Do you have the Spiritual Gift Of Wisdom?

There are a few points that you have to check to be sure that you have the messages of wisdom, or words of wisdom. Let’s see how many checks you get.

  1. You apply God’s words of advice effectively in difficult situations.
  2. People genuinely come to you for advice.
  3. And you offer them the best biblical solutions for their problems.
  4. People often ask you for alternatives and guidance.
  5. Most of your advice and guidance turn out grate and in the favor of the guided.
  6. You thoroughly analyze a situation and all its possibilities before getting to a conclusion.
  7. You easily find a solution to any difficult situation.

How can you help others when you are a wisdom-giver?

The best way to fully explore your ability and to help others is to become a councilor. You can start with yourself, analyzing your situation and finding your path toward God. Then you can continue with giving advice to your relatives, family members and friends. Then you can become a councilor in your church. Therefore, you help church members in doubt. This way you will develop your true gift from God. And you will help others at the same time.

In conclusion, having the Spiritual Gift Of Wisdom is great. It is one of Gods gift for us. This gift was given to you to help others. So, find the best ways to allow others to enjoy your ability. Guide them through their difficult situations. And reveal them their purpose in this life.

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