Spiritual Growth

What Is Spiritual Growth?

Spiritual Growth is a term used in Christianity. A short definition of Spiritual Growth is the process of becoming more like Jesus Christ. But there is a longer definition too. This includes the 4 important steps in growing spiritually. Therefore, you grow spiritually if your knowledge about God grows. The frequency of your actions of sin decreases. You try to copy the good qualities of Jesus Christ. And your faith in God grows.

The 4 important steps in Spiritual Growth

Grow your knowledge about God – this can be done only by reading God’s Word. Therefore, read The Bible daily. Ask questions, when you don’t understand a passage. Try to understand God’s words.

Avoid sins – the next step is to decrease the frequency of your sins. Therefore, be aware of your acts. And act with kindness and compassion. Without hurting others.

Follow Jesus Christ’s footsteps – Jesus told us that we should follow him and act like him, if we want to get into The Kingdom of Heaven. Therefore, we have to respect Christ’s most important lesson. To Love each other. You have to always act with compassion towards others. Show mercy and love.

Grow your faith in God – Spiritual Growth means growing your faith in God and his love for you. Pray daily. And let God care for you. Pray for his guidance in difficult situations. He will show you the light.

Spiritual Growth

The 4 paths that lead to Spiritual Growth

Read The Bible – reading God’s Words is the best source of knowledge about God. It contains spiritual wisdom. Knowledge is key in Spiritual Growth.

Meet other people with the same interests – reading The Bible might inspire you to ask questions. When you are in a group of believers, you might get your answers by only asking. So, don’t struggle alone. Find other believer and study The Bible together.

Participate to ministries – most churches offer ministries. There you can learn new prayers and new knowledge about The Bible. Ministries are easy ways to deepen yourself in the process of growing spiritually.

Pray and contemplate regularly – praying is the best way to establish a connection with God. With prayer you also maintain your connection with Him. But contemplation is also a great way to get closer to God. Read verses from The Bible and contemplate on them. Find the knowledge buried deep within the words.

Are you already Growing Spiritually?

If you already started the process of growing spiritually, but you are not sure that it works, then analyze yourself and your actions. If you respond with yes to these few questions, then you are on the right path towards Spiritual Growth.

Are you reading The Bible Daily?

Are you aware of your actions and sins? And do you try to act with compassion?

Are you learning daily about God and trying to understand Him? Do you pray daily?

Are you aware of the teachings of Jesus Christ? And are you trying to act like him?

Are you approaching others with compassion and love ?

Spiritual Growth is the goal of every Christian. You have to establish a balance between your daily life and the process of Spiritual Growth. Act disciplined and with responsibility. And never forget the Laws of God.

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