Spiritual Root Of Diabetes

The Spiritual Root Of Diabetes

Spiritual Root Of Diabetes – It is already known that emotional and mental problems such as stress, anxiety and depression can cause physical health issues. Many people go further and support the idea that every physical condition has a spiritual, mental or emotional root. If you are a believer in this theory, then this article will not be too shocking for you. Although, if you are a skeptical who is not familiar with spirituality and healing, then this article might seem a little hard to believe or understand. But stay with me and keep an open mind.

Spiritual Root Of Diabetes

The root of most illnesses are caused by separation of God. And also the lack of self-love. These two are the most important roots, that cause serious health issues. But let’s see what exactly causes the two types of Diabetes.

Spiritual Root Of Diabetes

The Spiritual Root Of Diabetes Type 1 – this type of diabetes, as any other auto-immune diseases, is caused by emotional and spiritual problems. For example, lack of self-love, self-hatred, self-revenge, guilt, self-harming, self-sabotage. In other words, if you hate who you really are, you don’t love yourself and you want to harm yourself. This is when your own body develops an auto-immune disease. When your own body destroys itself.

Type 1 diabetes can be cured only with self-love. You have to find a way to love yourself. Have more self-confidence. Also, stop blaming yourself for everything. You should accept yourself as you are. Because you are unique and a beautiful creation of God. Meditation, yoga and spiritual healing methods will help you to discover the real you. And to respect it.

Spiritual Root Of Diabetes

The Spiritual Root Of Diabetes Type 2 – usually caused by anxiety. But it also has roots in lack of self-confidence, fear of failure, worry and fear in general. If you are afraid that you will fail in life on the eyes of others, it might be the cause of diabetes type 2. You also might be doubtful of your own talents and abilities. Therefore, you see yourself a coward and you have depressive thoughts that you are never enough. These are negative thoughts that can harm your body and your health.

The best solution in this case is to find a motivational and inspirational course. Read about God and His Love for you. Re-discover the divine and unconditional love. Also, learn more about the creation, it will motivate you and make you feel one of God’s perfect creation. You need determination and courage. You need to see how capable and gifted you are. Every human being has a purpose and spiritual gift in their lifetime. You have a purpose. And you have to re-discover it.

In conclusion, if you suffer from diabetes, you should know that many other patients like you found a cure in healing with God. Even worst diseases than diabetes were cured. But you have to be open minded. And you have to re-discover your faith in God.

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