Who Are The Watchers In The Bible?

Who Are The Watchers In The Bible?

Who Are The Watchers In The Bible? – The terms of “watcher” or “watchers” appear different times in the Bible. Mostly in The Book Of Daniel and The Books of Enoch. And it usually appears in parts of The Bible translated from Aramaic. The term “watcher” in Aramaic is “ ‘iyr”. Which also translates as “holy one” or “angel”. This way, we can already see what the word watcher really means. Watchers are angels or holy messengers of God from Heaven.

Who Are The Watchers In The Bible?

The Watchers In The Book Of Daniel – the watchers are mentioned not less than 3 times in The Book of Daniel. More exactly, in Daniel 4:13, 17 and 23. These watchers appear in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream. He sees these watchers or holy ones coming down from the sky or heaven, in his dream. Reading these verses carefully we can see that the watchers from the book of Daniel are angels. The came with a message from God, The Most High, to Nebuchadnezzar.

Who Are The Watchers In The Bible

The Watchers In The Books Of Enoch – the terms of “watcher” or “watchers” appear numerous times in each books of Enoch. Each of them being translated from Aramaic. Therefore, these translations also refer to the angels or messengers of God. Enoch uses the term ‘iyr instead of “malakha” (angel).

Enoch describes good and disobedient watchers. The disobedient watchers, 200 in number, are called “irin” by the prophet. They are also called “Sons of God”. Enoch describes them coming down to earth and marrying human females. Who then give birth to human-angel hybrids called Nephilims.

One of these fallen angels was Azael. But they were stopped by warrior angels such as Gadriel.

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Who Are The Watchers In The Bible?

In conclusion, if we carefully read the verses in The Bible, we can see that the term watcher is just another word to describe the angels. They are the messengers of God. Those who watch over humankind. They are not demons. Although, there are the fallen watchers/angels which became demons after the fall.

Also, don’t mistake watchers with mythological creatures watching over humanity. Who’s only responsibility is to be eternally aware and watching over us. The watchers are angels watching over us. They are simple messengers of God. Even our guardian angels are watchers. They watch over us and guide us.

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