Yoga Poses For Heart Health

Top 5 Yoga Poses For Heart Health

Yoga Poses For Heart Health – Yoga is not just an exercise that brings strength and improves flexibility. It is also a healing practice.

Yoga Poses For Heart Health

Each yoga pose or asana has at least one healing property. And each posture has only benefits for your body. These Yoga Poses For Heart Health are the best poses to improve blood flow and to open your heart and heal it. These poses fill your blood with fresh oxygen. They also improve blood flow in the muscles. And dissolve the blockages in your body.

Yoga Poses For Heart Health

Stress is a major cause of heart diseases. With the right Yoga Symbols, and these poses, you will get rid of stress in no time. And you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of yoga practice.


Trikonasana – also known as Triangle Pose. This is the ultimate heart opening pose. It helps your chest to expand. And it improves your blood circulation. You start this yoga pose standing straight. Now separate your feet double of hip-wide apart. Now turn your right feet to the right, and keep your left leg slightly turning to the left, max 15 degrees. When you have found your balance take a deep breath. Then at your exhale, bend your body gently to the right. Keep your hands straight. Rest your right hand on your right leg, ankle or the mat. And extend the left hand high toward the sky. Then shift your gaze to sky too. Stay in this pose for approximately 10 breaths.


Utkatasana – also known as Chair Pose. This pose is also a heart opener. And it also stretches your body. You start this pose in Mountain Pose or standing straight. Now put your feet together. Now inhale and raise your hands above your head. Keeping them straight. At your exhale gently bend your knees. Keep your hands straight, like an extension of your spine. Your elbows being close to your ears. Bend your knees as much has possible. Keep this pose for up to 5 breaths.


Yoga Poses For Heart Health

Dhanurasana – also known as Bow pose. Another heart opener in my list of Yoga Poses For Heart Health. It stretches not only your chest, but the whole body. You start this yoga asana laying on your stomach. Keep your feet hip-wide apart. Now fold your knees and take your hand to your back to hold your feet or ankles. Keep your gaze straight ahead. And try to smile. Take deep and slow breaths. Keep the pose for approximately 5 breaths. The gently lower your legs and chest to the mat.


Bhujangasana – also known as Cobra Pose. This pose stretches your spine and chest at the same time. You start this pose laying down on your stomach. Now Place your palms on the mat under your shoulders. At and inhale push into your palm and extend your chest. Stretch as much as feels good. Take deep breaths in this pose. And keep the pose for at least 5 breaths.


Yoga Poses For Heart Health

Vrikshasana – also known as Tree Pose. This pose helps you to find balance. And it calms your mind by focusing it on maintaining your balance. You start this pose standing straight (in Mountain Pose). Your hands are at your sides. Now shift your weight to the left foot. And bend your right knee. Point your knee to the right. And use your hand to help your foot to rest near your left knee. Your hands can rest on your hips or you can press your palms together at your chest.


These 5 powerful Yoga Poses For Heart Health have numerous benefits for your body. Integrate them into your daily practice. And enjoy the gentle stretch. And the boost of fresh oxygen in your body. Take deep breaths and open your chest. Make room for your heart with these Yoga Poses For Heart Health.

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